MEPP Commission Composition Review

A review of the composition of the Municipal Employees’ Pension Commission (the Commission) is required every five years; the last review was conducted in 2015.  The Minister of Finance has appointed Rory Griffith to review the composition of the Commission.  Consultations with stakeholders, including pensioners, are now underway.  

The 12 person Commission is responsible for the administration of the Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan.  Currently, Commission members are appointed on behalf of employers and employees (six each).  The Commission selects the Chair and Vice-Chair.  The full term of office is four years; a Commission member may be appointed for two full terms.

This review will examine the current composition of the Commission to ensure it continues to be appropriate.  Other administrative matters associated with the operation of the Commission will also be considered.  

This review of the Commission will not examine contribution levels or the benefits provided by the Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan.

Stakeholders, including pensioners that would like to provide feedback on the composition of the Commission are invited to provide input by clicking on the link below or by sending a written submission to Mr. Griffith by September 30, 2020.

In the event that a general election is called, consultations will be suspended during the campaign period. Consultations will resume subsequent to the election and the submission deadline will be extended to November 2, 2020.

Rory Griffith

About Rory Griffith

Rory Griffith attained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Human Resource Management.  Rory worked at WCB as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor, an Employee Relations Advisor, and became the Director of Human Resources, responsible for all aspects of human resources for a workforce of 400.

In 2003, he joined the Saskatchewan School Boards Association (S.S.B.A.) as an Employee Relations Consultant where he negotiated 37 separate collective agreements within mandate on behalf of school divisions in the pre-K to 12 sector.

In 2008, he joined the newly formed Prairie South School Division as the Manager of Human Resources and was a member of the Central Administration Council helping to lead organizational planning and implementation of new school division programs and processes.

Rory was elected to the board of the Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials and served as the Executive Director of the Human Resources and Payroll. 

He was appointed to serve on the Municipal Employees Pension Plan (MEPP) for eight years and sat as Vice-chair and Chair during his tenure.  

Rory continues to provide consulting services on numerous Human Resource issues in both the public and private sector.

Mr. Griffith can be contacted at

Submission Process

Your submission can be completed online by clicking here, or you can contribute a submission regarding the composition of the Commission by responding to the questions below.  Please provide your contact information, as  Mr. Griffith may contact you for further discussion.


  1. Does the composition of the Municipal Employees’ Pension Commission remain appropriate?
  2. If not, in what way should the Commission be amended? What is your rationale for any changes?

  3. Should pensioners be consulted? If yes, how should pensioners be consulted?

  4. Are there other administrative matters associated with the operation of the Commission that you believe should be considered as part of this review?

  5. If so, what are they and why do you feel the matter is important?

Submit by email or mail to:

Jaime  Rieger
Public Employees Benefits Agency
110 – 1801 Hamilton Street

Phone: (306) 787-5118