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MEPP Employer Bulletins Archive


  •  Winter 2018

    2018 Year-end information, 2019 Contribution Rates, Pension Adjustment Calculator and Online Banking.

  •  Fall 2018

    Retirement Steps for your Retiring Employee, Contributions Made Easy.

  •  Summer 2018

    Upcoming MEPP Legislative Changes, Contribution Rate Increase.


  •  Winter 2017

    2017 Year-end information, 2018 Contribution Rates, Pension Adjustment Calculator and Online Banking.

  •  Fall 2017

    A new system to enhance your service from MEPP, making it easier than ever to connect with MEPP!

  •  Spring 2017

    Changes made to the Retrement Declaration Form.


  •  Winter 2016

    Employer Administrative Fees, Potential Hours, 2016 Year-end Information, New Payroll Deduction Form, Pension Adjustment Calculator

  •  Fall 2016

    Great news: You will no longer be required to report potential hours!

  •  Summer 2016

    MEPP is now on Facebook and Twitter!, Casual Employees, Certifying Documents, Update Your Contact Information, Employer Administrative Fees, Potential Hours


  •  Winter 2015

    New look!, 2015 Year-end information, Pension Adjustment Calculator, 2016 Contribution Rates, Holiday Season office hours

  •  Fall 2015

    Contribution Rates, Retiring Employees, Original Forms, Submitting Documents, Upcoming Workshops

  •  Spring 2015

    Potential Hours, Unpaid Leave, For Members on Sick/Disability Leaves, Update Your Contact Information


  •   Winter 2014

    2014 Year-end Information, Pension Adjustment (PA) Calculator, 2015 Contribution Rates, Holiday Season Office Hours

  •   Fall 2014

    E-Forms, Disability Contributions, Payroll Deduction Return Forms, Acceptable Documentation, MEPP Consultation Sessions

  •   Spring 2014

    Member Consultation Sessions

  •   Summer 2014

    Document Certification, Monthly Remittance by Cheque, It Pays to Belong, Employer Remittance System (ERS), Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)


  •   December 2013

    Year-end Reminder!, E-mail MEPP When Making Direct Deposits, Pension Adjustment (PA) Calculator, 2014 Contribution Rates, Holiday Office Hours, Employer Remittance System - E-Forms

  •   Special Edition - October 2013

    MEPP Employer Remittance System Enhancement

  •   Summer 2013

    Who can be a MEPP member?, Member Enrolment, Employee Address Changes, Contribution Remittance, Are member files up-to-date?, Was this bulletin helpful?

  •   Spring 2013

    New to MEPP?, Please notify MEPP in writing of all disability leaves, Let Us Know, e-Comm


  •   Winter 2012

    It is that time of year again!, How to Calculate Contributions, Pension Adjustment (PA) Calculator, 2013 Contribution Rates, Holiday Office Hours

  •   Fall 2012

    2013 Contribution Rates, Remittance of Contributions, Are You Up-to-Date?, Potential Hours

  •   Spring 2012

    2012 Contribution Rates, Keeping MEPP in the Know, Thanks for Helping Employees RetireWithEase!


  •   Winter 2011

    Year-end Reminders, E-mail MEPP When Making Direct Deposit, Notifying MEPP on Terminations, Online Workshop Registration

  •   Winter 2011

    Linking Funding and Investment Policies

  •   Solvency - November 2011

    Update on MEPP's Funded Status, What Exactly Does This Mean? What Does This Mean for Employers?

  •   Summer 2011

    Employers Helping New Members

  •   Spring 2011

    Presentations, Submitting Contributions on Time, Employer Remittance System, 2011 MEPP Presentations (pdf)


  •   Winter 2010

    2010 Year-end Information, Pension Adjustment (PA) Calculator, Online Remittance System, Coming to a City Near You, 2011 Contribution Rates

  •   Fall 2010 - Event Planner

    Help Us Help You!, Online Registration for Workshops

  •   Fall 2010

    Employer Information Sessions, Contribution Rate Increase

  •   Summer 2010

    Disability or serious illness - what MEPP needs to know, Coming to a city near you!

  •   Spring 2010

    returning from a leave of absence/layoff, Get MORe, RetireWithEase Workshops, Reminder ERS Sign-up, New Fax Number