Member FAQs

What are the MEPP Member Consultations all about?

The MEPP Commission is exploring options to make MEPP sustainable for years to come. They have narrowed down the list of options and will be looking to you, as a member, to provide input on four proposed changes that would only be made if required to ensure the Plan is sustainable for years to come.

The MEPP Member Consultations will be a valuable opportunity to get the facts and learn more about potential proposed Plan changes, understand your future pension benefits, and ask questions.

Where will the Member Consultations take place?

The consultations are scheduled to take place throughout the province in centres located in communities where a fair number of MEPP members live and work. To view the schedule, visit the MEPP website.

When will the Member Consultations take place?

The consultations will begin in late August and continue throughout September and October of this year.

Who will be leading the MEPP Consultations?

The sessions will be presented by PEBA’s Retirement Information Consultants (RICs).

How will you, as a MEPP member, learn more about the upcoming consultations?

You should receive a letter from MEPP, sometime in July, inviting you to attend a member consultation session in your area. You can also visit the MEPP website to get more information on the member consultations.

What is the MEPP Commission hoping to get from the member consultations?

The Commission is hoping to see a high percentage of members attend one of the many member consultations that have been scheduled, as well as complete our member survey. From the completed surveys, the Commission hopes the results will clearly identify the membership’s preferred options, if changes to the Plan are required in the coming years.

June 24, 2014