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PEPP Talks

PEPP Talk is a collection of information sheets written in a conversational style on a number of pension topics.

Pension Perspectives

Pension Perspectives is a quarterly topical newsletter provided to PEPP members.

  •  Winter 2020

    Julie wants to move back home, PEPP has selected a new custodian, winners of the member satisfaction survey

  •  Fall 2019

    Life happens, spousal relationship breakdown, member satisfaction survey

     Summer 2019

    Your Path to Retirement, Free Consultations, New Workshop Schedule

  •  Spring 2019

    PEPP Steps Better Outcomes for Members, Temporary Service Interruption, Only Two Questions, Retirement Video

  •  Winter 2019

    Tell me more, tell me more; Stay the course Billy!; Investment fund review; Fees matter! PEPP fees are low, low, low.

  •  Fall 2018

    Plump it up!!, Spousal Waivers, Adios 2018

  •  Summer 2018

    The Winds of Change, Cost Recovery Fees, Saved Scenarios Deleted Soon, VPB - the greatest thing since pRRIF

  •   Spring 2018

    PEPP Smooths the Dips, Saving Costs, Retirement planning can be fun!, PEPP Access Quick tips

  •   Winter 2018

    And the survey says, PEPP celebrating 40 years, Resolutions- set them and forget them

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