Build your retirement plan

This full-day workshop, formerly called RetireWithEase, is for mid-career members and is designed to help you understand in detail how your pension fits into your overall financial wellness.

You will learn about all aspects of your financial plan with a focus on retirement income options. Topics include:

  • saving
  • debt management
  • tax planning
  • estate planning
  • retirement planning
  • PEPP Investments
  • demo of PEPP retirement calculator

Sessions are facilitated by our Retirement Information Consultants who are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals.

As a Plan member, you and a guest are welcome to attend any of the four workshops in the Your Path to Retirement series. It’s easy to register! Just find the workshop you are interested in and complete the online registration form.

To attend a workshop you must obtain approval from your employer. You are responsible for your accommodations, transportation or meals, if applicable.

If you require more information, please contact one of our consultants at 306-787-3170 or

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