Financial Literacy Month

Submitted by PEBA on November 12, 2020

November is Financial Literacy Month

Hey PEPP Member!

What brings you here today? Workshops? PEPP Talks? Did you hear about the latest Pension Perspectives hot off the press? Or could it be that you are just burning off some time perusing the websites? 

Whatever your reasons are, you came to the right place! November is financial literacy month and we are happy to highlight the financial literacy supports available to you through PEPP.

Interested in virtual workshops and presentations?

Go here.

Interested in learning more about your PEPP plan? Or the latest and greatest Pension Perspectives article?

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Want to go on a guided tour and learn about the amazing resources and information available to you on our website?

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If you have any questions, please give us a call or an email. We would love to chat with you about all the great tools and resources available to you.

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